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Why Choose Bridge Home Inspections?

Bridge Home Inspections is here to serve you. We want to provide you with the information you need to make informed, intelligent decisions concerning the purchase of your new home. Buying a new home is an exciting time but can also be very stressful. There are numerous details and deadlines to consider, and being concerned about the condition of your prospective home is where we specialize in bringing you peace of mind. One phone call to schedule your inspection is all it takes. We adjust to your schedule so you can be present at the inspection, and we notify all parties involved in scheduling the inspection.

We take very seriously your confidence in us and will work hard to earn your complete satisfaction. After 10 years and TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND Inspections performed we have encountered every imaginable situation and circumstance. We have seen some interesting, some dangerous and some shoddy construction. We look under the covers to find issues that might otherwise go undetected. We bring all of this experience and knowledge with us when we inspect your home.

We employ only the most qualified Home Inspectors who are trained, experienced and use the latest tools and technologies. Our inspectors understand the significance of their findings and reports, and with this in mind we give you the appropriate care and speed of service you need at this critical stage of the purchase process.

Our deep understanding of structural, plumbing & electrical systems, roofing and HVAC (Heating-Ventilation & Air Conditioning) uniquely qualify us to determine the exact condition of your property within the Utah and Nevada Standards of Practice. Our home inspectors don’t simply check “working” or “not functioning” in our reports but go into depth and write as much about an item as can be found out through our investigative work.

For example: generic Inspection report, “ Roof appears to have some missing shingles.”

Our Home Inspector writes, “ 8 concrete tile roof shingles missing on North slope over the master bedroom. The felt (tar paper) is still intact but has become brittle with exposure to the sun. Recommend the felt be replaced and 8 new shingles be installed. Note: there is a stack of shingles located in the shed.”

Our philosophy is that no one should have to make a real estate purchase without knowing everything possible about the property by way of a complete home inspection. We back this up with real investigative knowledge gathered through the use of our tools and tradecraft.

Our Home Inspectors take pride in our work. We observe and report our findings objectively and accurately. Home Inspections is our business and we take it seriously. We know there are other Home Inspection companies to choose from and we do our best to make sure the quality of our home inspection stands out from the rest.

Bridge Home Inspections is a premier home inspection company with 10 State certified inspectors serving Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin and all surrounding communities in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. Our goal is to provide timely, thorough home inspections including the most comprehensive and informative inspection reports possible.

Our inspectors are among the most experienced, qualified and well trained in the state of Nevada and Utah. We are insured with Errors and Omission and General Liability insurance. We have a passion for performing detailed, thorough home inspections for our clients. After the inspection, we remain available for any questions or follow up that may be required.

Out-of-state purchasers are especially reliant on expertly conducted and written inspections. If you represent such buyers then you would be doing them a great service by ensuring they know about Bridge Home Inspections.

We are Las Vegas locales and know the homes of Clark County. We provide that "hometown" know-how and hard-learned experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Our property inspection reports are thorough, clear and concise, with digital photos, graphics, descriptions, informative narratives and a report summary for quick reference and to aid in preparing a repair list for the sellers. Reports are generally delivered within a few hours of the inspection. Reports are loaded to our online portal and can be viewed online or printed in PDF format. Reports can be forwarded and requests for repairs can be made right on the portal.

Our desire is to serve you by performing a standard home inspection and report. We encourage you to be present at the inspection to allow us the opportunity to fully explain our findings and to familiarize you with the property. You are welcome to attend the entire inspection or just the final hour. We enjoy serving our clients and look forward to working with you. Your complete satisfaction is our goal!

Larry Perna:
  • • Board Member for the Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors.

  • • A Rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • • Certified Level I Infrared Imaging (Thermal Camera Imaging and analysis)

 Founder of Bridge Home Inspections Larry holds a "Master Inspector of Structures" license which permits him to inspect any structure of any size in the State. Larry is the current President of the Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors (SNAPPI) and has served on the board in various positions for several years. Larry has over 20 years of construction experience in Las Vegas. He is a Certified Level I Thermographer (infrared imaging) And is Mold Certified through the Indoor Air Quality Council to test for mold.

Inspector of Structures Lic. # 2349-MAST

Dustin Halstead:

Inspector Dustin joined Bridge Home Inspections in 2014. Dustin was born and raised in Las Vegas and has seen the growth we have experienced first hand. He has inspected thousands of homes and is proficient in commercial buildings and restaurants. Prior to becoming a home inspector Dustin was in the concrete industry for 10 years and worked on many of the large hotel/casino properties we all know and visit. Earlier in his career he was a chef and knows his way around a commercial kitchen as well as any inspector. Inspector of Structures Lic. # 2166-RES

Charlie Meyer:

Inspector Charlie has been with Bridge Home Inspections since 2014. Originally from Southern California, Charlie moved to Las Vegas in 2005. He has inspected several thousand homes and multiple commercial structures in his years with Bridge Home Inspections. Charlie currently serves on the Board of SNAPPI (The Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors).
Inspector of Structures Lic. # IOS 2212-RES
Board Member of SNAPPI

Tyler Perna:

Inspector Tyler is a native to Las Vegas and grew up in the business with his father Larry the owner of Bridge Home Inspections and has been a licensed inspector of structures since 2015. Tyler has inspected more than two thousand homes and dozens of commercial buildings.
Inspector of Structures Lic. # IOS 2290-RES
Member of SNAPPI (The Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors).

Alex Farrelly:

Inspector Alex has been with Bridge Home Inspections since 2014 and has performed over three thousand inspections. Coming from an electronics background, Alex is very knowledgeable with new technologies and systems.
Inspector of Structures Lic. # 2325-RES
Member of SNAPPI (The Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors).

Mark Diskin:

Inspector Mark is the newest member of the Bridge Home Inspection team getting his start in in 2018. Mark has a real estate background which specialized in property management. Prior to real estate Mark worked in the heavy equipment and automotive electronics fields.
Inspector of Structures Lic. # 2681-RES

Edwin Torres:

Inspector Edwin has been with Bridge Home Inspections since 2016. Originally from El Salvador, Edwin speaks fluent Spanish and English. Edwin specializes in New Construction inspections and has performed over 1,000 inspections.
Inspector of Structures Lic. # 2434-RES

Jeremiah Kitamura:

Inspector Jeremiah has been with Bridge Home Inspections since 2016. Jeremiah previously traveled the world working on giant wind turbines and later worked as an air conditioning technician in Las Vegas.

Inspector of Structures Lic. # 2406-RES

Barron Matejka:

Barron years experience in the commercial building cooling systems. He started working as a report quality control expert and was promoted to Inspector in 2019. Barron is also certified to do Mold Testing.

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