Do you inspect roofs?

Bridge home inspections gets asked this question all the time, and the answer is "Yes". The Standards of Practice do not require that the inspector physically walk a roof above 12 feet high but we feel that the roof is such an important component of the home that we exceed the Standards and make sure to do an inspection of the roof. Most roofs we walk, some that are too tall for a ladder we have other methods such as drones, attic inspections and can even access some roofs from balconies. If a roof is too steep, wet, has loose granules or shingles, or is a material like clay tile that is easily damaged by walking on it, we examine the roof from a ladder. Being able to get on the roof to touch and feel it close-up always provides valuable insights for an inspector and this is why we physically inspect roofs whenever possible.

Buyers Inspection - Up to 10,000 square feet

The process of buying a home is an exciting and fun time but is also very emotional and most of the time very stressful. This emphasizes the need for an unbiased, third party home inspection which can bring perspective and peace of mind to the process. A well trained, experienced home inspector can save potential home buyers literally thousands of dollars in repair cost for deficiencies in the home that were either not disclosed or not evident.

Sellers Inspection

Are you preparing your home to place it on the market? Most informed buyers will probably have a third party inspection performed on your home prior to closing. An inspection will almost always reveal the need for some deficiencies to be corrected before the buyers move forward on the purchase of the house. This could place you, as the seller, in a position to do some quick, hasty repairs to meet time constraints of the sales contract, which could cost considerably more than if you had time to do the repairs in a leisurely manner. Getting your home inspected before you put it on the market will help eliminate these kind of surprises and could save a lot of money on repair costs.

Builder's Inspection

If you are purchasing a new construction home you should definitely consider having it inspected by a professional residential home inspector. Home builders are building thousands of homes as rapidly as possible. Quite often problems and deficiencies in a new home will begin showing up in the first year of the home's life. Having an inspection done before your move in date will give you time to notify the builder of items that are in need of repair. Don't think a new home is immune to problems. We have seen kitchen sinks with no hot water, attics with no insulation, broken windows, cracked cabinets and an endless list of other issues just like we find in older homes. The good news is that the new home builders generally rectify any issues noted within 24 hours and they cover the cost of such repairs. 

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